• Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

The actual Sebacia treatment

The procedure must be done three times within a period of approx. 2 weeks. The concept is, that as many sebaceous glands as possible are positively affected (or treated) – even those, which may be behind clogged pores during the first session but maybe accessible during the next treatment session.

Before the first Sebacia session, it is advisable to clean the pores from clogging – which is related to acne (the so-called keratinization).  The better we can bring the Sebacia microparticles into your pores and into your sebaceous glands, the better could be the reduction of active acne lesions. Your Sebacia specialist will decide which method might be right for you – it could be applying a special crème for some weeks, but also some physical or light-based treatments are possible. Please ask you Sebacia provider what’s best for you.

How does a treatment session look like?

You may like to watch our video to get an idea. Essentially, the Sebacia microparticles are massaged into your skin for about 10 minutes. Then, those particles, which remained on the surface of your skin, must be removed ( Why is it black? Please read the science about Sebacia above “How Sebacia works”).  The proper and careful removal is followed by the actual laser treatment. Since we heat up a structure in your skin, you may feel a slight sting.  Thanks to pre and post cooling, the procedure can be tolerated without any anesthesia.

After the laser application, the skin is typically red, and some mild swelling may occur. Those effects fade within a couple of hours with most patients. Please consult with your Sebacia specialist to understand all possible side effects and risks related to the treatment. Generally, you can follow your social activities or work or school even the same day. Again, special recommendations need to be followed after a laser session, such as avoiding a sunbath and others. Your Sebacia specialist will advise you.


It takes about 6-8 weeks to see the first results – which is a reduction of inflammatory acne lesions.  The improvements may continue for up to 12 months. In a (phase-IV) real world study, the average reduction of those inflammatory lesions (or blemishes) was 85% after one year– with many patients being 100% free of them. Please visit our “Results” section for further explanations and examples.

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