• Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

How Sebacia works

The mechanism of action behind the Sebacia acne treatment is called “selective photo-thermolysis” and this mechanism is used in laser-medicine for many procedures. Essentially, a specific laser-wavelength is highly absorbed in the desired target tissue. 

A real world example? If you enjoy the sun behind a glass window and you wear a black dress, you will notice the heating of the black fabric. But, if you touch the glass-window it remains cold (at ambient temperature). Why? The sun-rays are highly absorbed by the black color and at the same time, they can easily travel through the glass without being absorbed (or heating it up).  The same concept is used in laser-assisted hair-removal: Ideally, a black hair sits in white skin -> the laser-light can heat and damage the hair, while not effecting or harming your skin.  Laser-assisted hair-removal is probably the most common aesthetic laser procedure worldwide!

The gold-coated Sebacia microparticles

Can we do the same with our hyper-active sebaceous gland?  Dr. Rox Anderson was researching for the right laser-system for many years; but, the challenge is that for the laser-light our sebaceous gland looks very similar as our skin. Just imagine your dress would be as clear as the glass-window, no specific heating (or in scientific terms “selective photo-thermolysis”) would be possible.

So, we have to make your sebaceous gland visible to commonly used and medically proven laser-systems!

The gold-coated Sebacia microparticles are engineered to absorb the light of commonly used laser-systems in dermatology. Additionally, they also absorb the visible light and therefore, look BLACK (since they don’t reflect but absorb the light). Further, they are small enough to enter the pores and travel along the follicle into the sebaceous glands – thanks to the help of a special massage.  Massaging the Sebacia microparticles into your skin is the first step of the procedure.

Then, the microparticles sit around the follicle and also in the sebaceous gland and can be selectively heated by the laser light – the second step. This heat will cause a damage to the gland and that will initiate a wound-healing response.  Over time, the sebaceous gland will shrink, and the activity is reduced!

Laser systems for medical treatments

So, the process is similar to laser-assisted hair-removal (or in scientific terms: based on the concept of “selective photo-thermolysis”). Therefore, the associated risks or side-effects are well known such as redness and swelling. Please consult your medical professional for a full list of possible side effects. Many well-trained specialists for operating these laser systems exist!

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