• Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

Acne Causes

In many cases, an acne patient experiences a change of the hormonal balance, which causes an increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Hence, acne is often seen in people going through puberty in their teenage years; but, also many adults with so-called “acne tarda” suffer under acne.

What we see, what disturbs us and what may cause permanent scars are the acne lesions or blemishes. What are the causes for those?

  • Hyper-active sebaceous glands
    In acne patients the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum (oil). The sebum keeps the follicle and skin smooth; but if the sebaceous gland is hyper-active it becomes enlarged and produces way too much oil.
  • Keratinization of the skin
    On a micro-level dead skin cells and oil cause a clogging of our pores. In these pores sits a follicle (hair) and adjacent to it, a gland – the so-called “sebaceous gland”, which produces sebum (oil).  When the pores are closed-up (clogged), the sebum cannot exit the pore and bacteria can grow in this “sealed” environment.
  • Proliferation of bacteria
    Bacteria live in a peaceful symbiosis all over and in our body (especially within the digestive system). But, if the balance gets out of hand and they grow beyond a healthy level, as with the so-called p-acne bacteria, it is not good. Within a clogged pore, the bacteria and the sebum may cause an inflammation and enlarged lesion.

Now, the combination of the three causes above – a clogged pore with lots of bacteria and sebum inside – causes the acne lesion. Depending on how severe the acne lesions are, it can cause permanent scars – in any case, it effects our life dramatically! The acne lesions can cause significant discomfort and the appearance of acne lesions reduces our self-esteem.

Get to know a solution that fights all three causes!

  1. “Acne Treatment Based on Selective Photothermolysis of Sebaceous Follicles with Topically Delivered Light-Absorbing Gold Microparticles”

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