• Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?

  • Tired of ACNE?


What do others think about it?

“Hi there! I’ve decided to do the Sebacia treatment about a year ago and I’m more than happy with it! I’m almost acne-free and when I stick to my healthy food, I have smooth and soft skin – unbelievable! There’s a little scar here and there, but hey, I’m okay with it! I have my carefree life back and I love going out with my friends again!”

Stefan M. | 22

“I tried the treatment and can recommend it! It may sound a little exaggerated, but it changed my life! I was bullied before and people on the street stared at me. The antibiotics harmed me with my mental health and only helped a little. After the Sebacia treatment, I was a little disappointed at first. They told me the acne could get worse after the treatment, it wasn’t my hope though. Fortunately, this feeling didn’t last long. A few months later? I looked so different! Without any pain! My self-confidence changed by 180 degrees!”

Simone K. | 19

“I was very interested in the Sebacia treatment, but it fell out of my price-range. My doctor told me about the medipay system so I thought I have nothing to lose. So I had a consultation and decided to do it. I haven’t had regrets for one second! Maybe it’s not 100% gone, but I do not have to worry about my skin. It was already a few years ago and I’m still doing great.”

Ewa J. | 27

“I never had like really big like cystic acne or anything like that, so a lot of people would say, «Oh your skin is not that bad!» but I don’t want my skin to be just not that bad, you know?”

Kathleen S. | 22

“It was only 3 treatments and there was basically no downtime. So, I could just go back to my normal routine and life, and not have to worry about any at-home care or anything extra to do.”

Sabrina B. | 22

“I started to see results pretty quickly. I did the treatment in February and it is now September and I have had awesome results. So, I definitely think it was worth it.”

Logan T. | 19

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